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Frequently Asked Questions


What the heck is this site all about?
We are an information portal based on an Events Calendar which lists all
the food & beverage events open to the general public that we can find.
We’re not definitive by any means, just a help to get you the drinking &
dining pleasures you seek…..stay tuned.  And thx for the visit!

What is a Wine or Food Society?
There are a number of groups in town which are built around the
enjoyment of wine, food or both in a social atmosphere.  Some of these
groups have a particular national flavor to them and some are more
catholic in their tastes.  These associations may be strictly local (eg.
Grand Cru Society) or may be national in reach (Opimian) or even
international (Le Commanderie de Bordeaux). Some events are strictly
social activities and others are education based, but all are meant to
be enjoyable and non-intimidating.  For further info click on

Can I Comment on events or Review one that I’ve attended?
Indeed you can and we hope you do.  Two caveats:  the language must be
suitable for publication AND we will publish at our discretion.  See the
Feedback Page.

What’s the deal with these big wine fairs?  How can I possibly try all
the wines they serve?
The simple answer is that you can’t.  It’s impossible and besides your
palette will be shot (for any serious assessment, at least) by the time
you’ve hit your 10th.  The best ideas would be:

• to only check out new products to see if you would buy them.
• to start with whites  (or reds) and see how far you get.
• make sure the pour is minimal and just enough to get a taste or
• just swirl a very small amount of wine around your mouth and then spit
it into the spit buckets provided.  That’s how the pros do it…. And be
sure to eat along with your tasting!

Food & Wine Pairing.  What’s the trick?
There are some classic pairs that work time & again (Mussels & Muscadet;
Foie gras & Sauternes; Steaks & Cabs; French fries & Beer<ok it’s not
wine>; Blue Cheeses & Port; or Oysters & Champagne) and there are many
books on this topic.  The Trick, if any, is to experiment.  Only you
will know what you like and it has been proven that for any given type
of flavor or tasting combination, even the most obvious, as much as 25%
of the group participating in the tasting will disagree.   See our What,
Why How
section for some ideas…

I go to a lot of charity functions where there’s a silent auction.  How
can I participate without getting totally distracted by this part of the

First, set out early to see what items are up for auction & start the
bidding on a bunch of them, even if you don’t plan to buy all the items
you bid on.  As these are fundraisers it is most important to get the
bidding going & most people don’t want to be the first.  You’ll look
good by putting your name on several items & usually others will bid
over yours.  Next, concentrate on the few items you’d like to own & go
back occasionally to see how you’re doing or until you’ve reached your
pain threshold.  Then, bid again.  The more you spend, the better
everyone feels… go for it!

Your question here.....

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